Monday, February 24, 2014

My birthday was on the 13th of February, and I had a lovely time! I'd made up quite a large list of wants recently, so I knew that it would be time to finally purchase some of them. As I'd never really been much of a fan of watches before, I knew that when I saw this Casio watch I needed it. I'm so in love with retro, vintage fashion, so this was right up my alley. And of course the cheap price tag was a bonus!

Also on my want list had been Alexa Chung's book, IT. Alexa is one of my style icons, although I don't dress that similar to her since it obviously won't look as good on me as it does on her. But I never really knew all that much about her, so I thought I'd purchase this book to get to know Alexa Chung a little. Plus, the book is super cute to just have sitting on display once you've read it!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on Instagram or Twitter, I really appreciate it! You made my birthday very special and I am forever appreciative of your support.

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  1. That seem like wonderful birthday presents. Last birthday I got a casio watch for my birthday and honestly if you would have asked me if I liked watches a year ago I would have answered: "no". Look at me now, I just ordered my third one.

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