The Chop

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I finally decided to chop my hair off! For a while I'd been wanting to cut it off, but decided to keep it longer for my formal which was last weekend. My hair was quite damaged, from being dyed previously, and it really was starting to look very tattered on the ends. I'd seen many other people with shorter hair recently, and was so eager to chop it off. This shorter hair will make my hair look thicker and fuller as well, which is a bonus.

As my hair is naturally wavy, I'm definitely going to be rocking the wavy, messy beachy curls on my new short locks. I'll definitely taking advice from Jenn Im's hair tutorial! I know that I won't be able to achieve loads of hairstyles now, but that doesn't really worry me, especially since I'm at school most of the time.

If you're thinking of chopping your locks of, I say just do it. It's only hair, it grows back!

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  1. Not gonna lie Jenn was totally one of the catalysts for getting my hair chopped. Its so much nicer having shorter hair!

    1. Yes! It looks incredible on her, had to do it as well!


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