Sunday, August 10, 2014

After seeing Birkenstocks all over the internet and fashion industry lately, I finally decided to invest in a pair. I have a history of sore feet, and regularly get shin splints if my shoes don't have proper support. I opted for a pair called the Birkenstock Rio, which is a two strap sandal, as opposed to the Birkenstock Arizona's which are very popular at the moment. I bought this style as I thought they suited me, and my fashion, better. Many people will find these ugly, but I think they're super cute. Besides, I'm all about the comfort; who needs heels?

I can honestly say these are the most comfortable shoes I own. There is so much support and padding, and they just seem to mould perfectly to your feet. They look absolutely lovely with most clothing, from jeans to dresses. As it's nearing the end of winter here, and I have very few pairs of sandals (I'm more of a Converse type of girl), these were the perfect purchase for me!

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  1. I've also become a Birkenstock convert this season. I originally bought a cheapie pair of Arizona-style knockoffs from Topshop but eventually caved and bought the real deal as I loved them so much! I do like yours, though; the dual straps probably make them even more comfortable to wear.
    Grace x

  2. Yeah, I knew it would be worthy buying the real deal. The ankle straps are awesome, and definitely way comfy! x


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