Golden Feather

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I have added yet another delicate, gold necklace to my collection. They are just my absolute favourites. Being a lover of all things minimal, I have quite a love for simple, delicate jewellery. When doing some browsing the other day, I came across this gorgeous feather necklace. It's so small and simple, and I absolutely adore it. The simplicity of it ensures that it works well with all outfits. It goes so well with all my other jewellery too, as I only tend to wear gold jewellery (being pale and all, it just looks better). I've only been wearing it on its own since I got it, but I can definitely see it looking incredible when stacked with other delicate necklaces. This piece will be one of those that you never really take off, and just end up wearing every day.

My collection of delicate necklaces will forever be growing...

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